About the Founder

“The work that I do is very personal. It speaks to generations of silences, abuse, personal and community neglect, and hidden pain. This is more than a conference – it is a movement that puts women of African descent on a pedestal, a movement that says, ‘You are worthy, you are magnificent, and you always were.’”

– Dr. Shanesha R. F. Brooks-Tatum

Shanesha Brooks-Tatum

Dr. Shanesha R. F Brooks-Tatum is a self-described warrior for women’s wellness. As Founder and President of the National Annual Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference, Dr. Brooks-Tatum is also a recent National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow at Emory University and former Visiting Scholar-in-Residence at Agnes Scott College. She is committed to working to provide an open, honest, and intergenerational space for women to learn and share strategies for achieving balance and wellness in all areas of life.

An engaging and thought-provoking speaker, Dr. Shanesha Brooks-Tatum has presented on topics ranging from wellness and life balance to contemporary popular culture, literature, music, and spirituality. Her workshops demystify processes for achieving success and provide audiences with practical, proven strategies for lasting life change.

Dr. Brooks-Tatum not only engages audiences all over the country with her inspiring and polished approach, but she clearly and thoroughly presents practical strategies for personal development, life transformation, and enduring success.

Dr. Brooks-Tatum earned her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in American Studies and graduated summa cum laude from UC Berkeley with a double-major in English and African Diaspora Studies. She has been featured on several TV and radio stations and has won numerous local and national awards.

Dr. Brooks-Tatum also serves as Co-Founder and Vice President of Creative Research Solutions, LLC, an award-winning research and evaluation firm located in Georgia.  She is the recipient of the 2014 Shining Star Award from the National Association of Women-Owned Small Businesses.

With Dr. Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, she is Co-Editor of Reading African American Experiences in the Obama Era: Theory, Advocacy, Activism (2012), and has a chapter on Christian hip-hop in Hip-Hop Spirituality and Urban God Talk (2013), edited by Dr. Andre Johnson.

As a teacher-scholar-activist, Dr. Brooks-Tatum co-created an educational, performance-based program in Detroit, Michigan with Detroit high school students titled “Living the Arts,” and was selected as a Michigan Teaching Fellow for her excellence in teaching and mentorship. In the past, she has taught at the Interdenominational Theological Center (GA) and Roger Williams University (RI).