2013 Featured Speakers

outdoorbio2013-ASR-918x802Nurturing the Breakthroughs: From Aha! to action in moving from our patterns that harm to those that heal – Akilah Richards

Nurturing the Breakthroughs is a one-hour interactive dialogue designed to explore our common work-life patterns, address their negative effects on our inter and intrapersonal relationships, and define the steps to align ourselves with the mindset and self-management it takes to live emotionally well lives.

I will use key Life Design questions to create dialogue and teach vital life skills that can be used in parenting, self-management, and work-life wellness pursuits.


IMG_4924Balance…in the Real WorldPortia Jackson

It is nearly impossible to be the woman you strive to be in the home, workplace, and the community, AND have any time for yourself. It is important to identify what you value most, and allocate your resources (time, talents, finances) accordingly. Using the strategies and themes presented in this weekend’s workshops, participants will commit themselves to the development of an action plan moving forward to achieve and maintain balance in their daily lives. We will also discuss how to recalibrate when the unexpected (e.g. illness) occurs.