Live Your Grain: Expression Therapy for Work-Life Harmony

Akilah Richards, Life Design Practitioner, shared ways to find and live in our innate flow in the Live Your Grain Workshop. She started off by giving us the definition of life design: being in tune with your true self.

“Embrace imbalance, create harmony and apologize to no one in the process,” Akilah says.

One of the ways she told us to get in tune with ourselves is by doing mirror work: Really look at yourself in the mirror, ask yourself, “What do I need now?” and obey the response you receive.

Additionally, there are seven key areas where we feel muted:

  1. Fear
  2. Relationship
  3. Authenticity
  4. Balance
  5. Money
  6. Excellence
  7. Growth

The one thought Akilah wanted to leave with us: Task to self-alignment: With every task you take on, check to see how things feel. That way, you’ll be able to design your life!

For more information about Akilah and her work, visit her online at

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