Pieces of Me: How Our Stories Heal the Past, Inform Our Present & Shape Our Future

Hakikah Shamsiden

Hakikah Shamsiden’s workshop focused on acquiring tools to start clearing up the emotional clutter we may have accumulated in our lives from past generations and create space for new stories that will edify and heal those coming behind and toward us.

Attendees worked in groups of two or three to and discussed the following questions with each other:

  1. What is a story that impacted how you live today?
  2. How has that impacted your decision making?
  3. What would you share with someone younger?

A few other points Hakikah shared include:

  • If you don’t tell your story, others will tell pieces of it for you.
  • Usually, a person you have a problem with has your story.
  • Sometimes, we let people get too close to our space, and then we dump it on someone else who has nothing to do with it.

Stay tuned for more recaps from the conference! 

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