Self-Inflicted Overload: Five Steps to Achieving Work-Life Balance

On Saturday, July 14, 2012, author Joyce E. Brooks showed participants the causes and effects of overload and lack of work-life balance in their lives. She shared two things she has realized: 1. Perfection doesn’t exist; and 2. Staying up at night doesn’t change your circumstances.

According to Brooks, self-inflicted overload is being out of balance and overloaded by things you do to yourself.

Three reasons work and life are often out of balance are:

  1. Chasing the American Dream, which is defined by others.
  2. Living in the future and not in the now.
  3. Overload that is self-inflicted.

Brooks shared her PEACE Strategy with attendees, a proven five-step method that helps you minimize the overload, achieve work-life balance and gain that peace we all deserve:

Pray Take it to the altar, lay it down, and trust God.
Energize. You have to have energy to deal with work and life. Prepare yourself for what will happen, and take care of your mind, body and soul.
Adjust your attitude. Have an attitude of gratitude. Recognize how you see the world, and begin to see the beauty it has to offer.
Communicate. You need to 1) Listen; 2) Speak up and ask for help; and 3) Learn to say “no.”
Enjoy. Don’t put conditions on the joy God has given you today and everyday you’re here.

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