Sole Power: Dress your feet, determine your financial future

Keva Rop

Workshop presenter, Keva Gilda Rop, spoke on stepping into your destiny, guided by wisdom gleaned from generations of women overcoming financial obstacles and creating their own success.

One of the first important points Keva made was that finances are attached to everything, but it doesn’t drive everything. Money doesn’t heal everything, but understanding it can get you from one phase to the next.

To convey her message, she used shoes as an analogy for finances:

  1. The athletic shoe — Our physical health is important. The money doesn’t matter if you’re not alive; therefore, you have to take care of your body.
  2. The church shoe, representing emotional wellness¬†— To make good financial decisions, our minds have to be in good condition.
  3. The professional shoe: Just like your work shoe needs to be flexible, you need to be flexible in your finances and your career/business. When you’re willing to do new things, you can propel yourself forward in your career and business.
  4. The house shoe: This represents how you shouldn’t pour all of yourself into work. We have to make certain financial decisions, and you have to make the time for it. Ask yourself: How can I spend the money in the direction I want to be going?
  5. The flip flop: This represents vacation. You should have fun with your money as well. Vacations are important because they get you outside of your regular routine.
  6. The girlfriend shoe: If you’re trying to create or do something different and don’t have the necessary tools, you need something different and you need new friends. You can keep your old friends, but if you want something different, you also need to hang out with people who have what you want or do what you want to do.
  7. The celebration shoe: Every once in a while, go out and have fun. And show gratitude. Doing so will make the hard decisions more easy.

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