The Generational Wealth of Spiritual Development

Jennie C. Trotter, Jennie Donaldson, Adama A. Maweja

In this workshop, a panel of three women healers, Jennie C. Trotter, Jennie Donaldson & Adama A. Maweja, shared what they’ve learned from their ancestors, grandparents and parents about spiritual development, how they incorporated and expanted on those practices & truths for spiritual development for this generation and future generations to come.

The perspectives shared range from ages 50 -70; here’s a little of what they shared:

Wisdom from Jennie C. Trotter:

  • There’s only one God; and¬†we’re made in His image.
  • Our Spirit never dies.
  • Our bodies listen to us; what are we saying to our bodies?
  • We as women hold the power; you’re here to do something very special on Earth.
  • We have to do more for our spiritual development through things like meditation and watching what we eat. You have to discipline yourself.
  • The trueness of who you are is inside.
  • Once you decide to seek your purpose, the universe will bring everything together you need.
  • Love is the most healing, the most powerful source. Manifest the goodness and Godness that you’re in and have.

Wisdom from Jennie Donaldson

  • Know how special you are.
  • Everything you do, everything you have, is a creation.
  • You’re not your body. Your body is the space suit you walk around in. You’re the energy in the house, not the house itself.
  • Do the best you can every day when you wake up.

Wisdom from Adama A. Maweja

  • When you don’t acknowledge the presence of God, you don’t make the most out of the moment.
  • Every atom and cell of your being is divine.
  • We’re the ones that we were praying for.
  • See yourself free, see yourself whole, see yourself powerful!
  • You get what you ask for. Put your prayers in writing and make the commitments.


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