The Life Balance and Wellness Institute


The Life Balance and Wellness Institute is a nonprofit organization that was launched in February 2015 out of the work of the National Annual Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference.


We envision a world in which every woman has the tools and opportunity to live a life of optimal wellness.


Our mission is to provide evidence-based tools and facilitate dynamic, creative relationships that support women in achieving and maintaining optimal wellness in all areas of life including:

  • physical (body)
  • financial (resources)
  • spiritual
  • occupational (employment/work balance)
  • social (relationships – romantic and otherwise)
  • emotional (interpersonal – mental health)

 Our Story

Recognizing the persistent need for resources and support services around Black women’s wellness, the National Annual Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference, founded in 2010, is now the Life Balance and Wellness Institute. Through expanded service, including ongoing research, programming, special projects and outreach, we will serve black women in the four life stages: 18-29, 30-45, 46-60, and 61+.

 The Life Balance and Wellness Institute’s Four Major Arms

  • Research
  • Programming
  • Special Projects
  • Outreach

 Board Members

Dr. Shanesha R. F. Brooks-Tatum, Founding President & Executive Director
Dr. Stacy D. Scott, Board Chair
Rev. Angela Harrington Rice, Vice Chair
Dr. Cassandra B. Jackson, Secretary
Ms. Monica Carol Evans, Treasurer
Ms. Allyson Belton, Member
Ms. Angie Rheaves, Member