The Universal Wombman Within: Empowerment for Spiritual’ Wellness

One of the primary topics L’dia Men-Na’a (Nameorologist/Aromatherapist, Wholistic Educator, STD/HIV Prevention/Intervention Educator) discussed in her workshop was mathematical codes for personal assessment.

She explained what the day you were born means, which is the inner child. The day you were born gives understanding to your youthful natural gifts, character strengths and weaknesses when you’re under 30-years-old. They help your Life’s Path Purpose after maturity as well. So, for example if you were born July 21, your inner child number would be (2+1=3).¬†

Men-Na’a went on to discuss what your total date of birth means, which identifies character strengths, weaknesses and talents to develop and use for your work during maturity past 30-years-old. So, for instance, if your birthday is July 20, 1985, your number is (7+2+0+1+9+8+5=32 = 3+2=5).

Additionally, she discussed the foods one should eat, depending on their numbers.

To learn more about mathematical code and L’dia Men-Na’a’s work, visit her website,

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